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Restaurant Equipment Parts - Is knowing my make and model number important?


If your buying restaurant equipment parts, is it important to know the make and model of your equipment?  In a word... YES.

We help a lot of people every day find the right part based on two very important pieces of information.  The make and specific model number of the equipment needing parts.  Without those pieces of information, it can be very difficult for you to find the right part that you need. IMG_1428 Can you tell the difference between these two parts?  They look identical right?  But they are NOT the same part.  99% of the time you cannot tell just by looking at a part online if it's the right part.  There could be small variations in the part like the inlet size or whether it's natural gas or liquid propane that you don't know without having your make and model number. Another important factor is when your restaurant equipment was made.  There are a lot of part changes by equipment manufacturers through the years, but they may not change their model number on their equipment.  A great example would be a gas safety on a oven.  If your oven was made before 1993, it could have a totally different part in it.  After 1993, it could use a solid state part that replaces the old part.  Other components could have been changed to accommodate the new part. IMG_1427Buying the wrong part causes a head ache for both the buyer, and the supplier.  The buyer needs the part desperately, usually because a vital piece of equipment is down, and they don't have the capital to just go out and buy new equipment, especially when times are hard, am I right?   Sure they can borrow money to buy equipment, but that effects the over all overhead of the business.   The supplier then has to help facilitate a return, which takes man hours to process return paperwork, and in some cases, shipping costs to send the part back to the supplier. So how do you find your model number on your equipment?  Glad you asked.  Here is a link to a previous post of ours that will give you the location on most equipment that the model number would be found. http://blog.westernequipmentsales.com/category/resources/part-numbers/ At Western Equipment Sales, we try our best to help you find the right part, the FIRST TIME, so that you're not left guessing when it comes to ordering the right part, and getting your equipment up and running so you can have a fully functioning kitchen.

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  • Joel Kruse
    Joel Kruse

    Hi Steven,

    You will need to convert the same parts as if you were converting to LP. You’ll need the Burner orifices, pilot orifice, and gas valve conversion kit, which will adjust the regulation of gas.

  • Steven wright
    Steven wright

    American range 4 burrner deep fryer conversion from propane to natural gas, what do I need to change?

  • Joel Kruse
    Joel Kruse

    Hi Steven,

    You need to replace the burner orifices, the pilot orifice, and the gas valve regulator. If you watch our video it will go over all of those things! Thanks!


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